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Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland is located below the hightest peaks of the Grampians National Park Grampians Paradise offers large grassed shady and sunny sites with or without power
	Grampians Paradise camping and caravan parkland Photo of Mt William taken above Grampains Paradise from a hot air balloon

Your welcome to call us on:

(03) 5356 6309

or if you prefer by email:



When you contact us by email (or the inquiry form), if at all possible please provide a phone number so we can follow up after sending an email to you. Unfortunately as many as 1 in 5 of our first response emails are ending up in people junk or spam folders.

Camping Sites overlooking Blue Lake and Reman Bluff Wetlands at Grampians Paradise

Current News:

26th November 2018:

While the surrounding farm land is drying out, Grampians Paradise is still very green, and at this time our wetlands are full. Wildflowers are still out in the Grampians National Park, and water is still flowing in many of the creeks and waterfalls. In the evenings it is still possible to have a camp fire (until mid December) and with a bit of luck bright starry sky's make camping this time of year a wonderful experience. Kangaroos are out in the camping ground during most evening. Late spring and early summer is one of my favourite time of year for camping at the Grampians.



Sites with Camp Fire places are available at Grampians Paradise

*At Grampians Paradise from now until early to mid December we are allowing fires in fire place or in fire bowls on most days. However, if it is a hot day, or strong winds we may have a fire ban in place on that particular day. (We also have fire bowls for hire).

As fire wood collection is not allowed in our area, and we do not allow you to collect wood from our property, you will need to bring your own fire wood (already cut to length and split to size), or purchase wood from us.

Click here for more info on fires


Special Events from 2018

Traditional wood Frame Workshop and the Timber Framers Gathering

Students assembling the Traditional Timber Frame on the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Tradtional Timber Building Workshop

From the 21st to the 30th October 2018 Grampians Paradise hosted Fox Maple's World Tour of Traditional Timber Framing Workshop.

The 10 day workshop included both theory and practical hands on learning while working on a large scale traditional timber frame project. During the workshop we built the frame of a covered bridge which will reside at Grampians Paradise.

For more information and pictures see the Page:

Timber Framing Workshop Oct 2018

and on that page the link to the Wetlands Creations Facebook page.

Also for the weekend of the 27th and 28th October 2018 Grampians Paradise hosted the Timber Framers Gathering. around 50 people attended the weekend. It was a great sucess. For more information see the flyer on the Timber Framing Page



Looking back over photos from 2017 autumn season, I wanted to highlight two things. Redman Bluff above Grampians Paradise, and the beautiful night sky, with thousands of stars and our dark sky's that make it possible to see milky way on a clear night.

The night sky over the parkland sites and Redman Bluff under the light of the moon.

Easter camping on the Parkland Sites at Grampians Paradise, under the moon light on a starry night, with the milky way rising above Redman Bluff. If you look closely, the cliffs of Redman Bluff have the red of "sunrise", but in this photo it is by the light of the rising moon (only possible for the camera to discern).

Also near the top of the photo (two thirds up the sky in the milky way), it is possible to make out the Southern Cross.

Redman Bluff, 3rd highest Mountain of the Grampians National Park, by moon light, under the stary sky taken from Redman Bluff Camping Ground

With the aid of a f2.8 400mm lens, and the light from the Easter Moon, I was able to capture this picture, complete with star trails, of Redman Bluff, third highest mountain of the Grampians National Park. This photo was taken from the Parkland 10 (P10) site at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland.

Historic Summit Cairn on Redman Bluff, above Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland.

The view from the top of Redman Bluff.

While the 1017 metre Summit of Redman Bluff is only 2.8km away from Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, it is currently very inaccessible, with only the most experienced walkers being able to make it to the summit. There is no tracks and the way is difficult and dangerous. This has kept the Historic Summit Cairn (possibly dating back to the 1920's) safely hidden away.

Soon this will all change, once the Grampians Peaks Trail is constructed to traverse our section of the Mt William Range, taking in Redman Bluff as one of its major features.

This mountain is very special to us here at Grampians Paradise. For over 100 years it has looked down upon us (the Banfield Family - owners and operators of Grampians Paradise), with successive generations of the family being drawn to its magic. I'm sure it was a major attraction for Harry Hill Banfield, my Great Grand Father when he purchased the farm in 1911 (now the home of Grampians Paradise).

It is with great excitement that we greet the news that in the coming years, that those wanting to walk to the summit of Redman Bluff will be able to do so, but it also comes also with the fear that the isolation that has keep the historic summit cairn safe till now will be lost. We ask those visiting Redman Bluff summit in the future to respect the cairn, and the history it represents for us, and that Parks Victoria, the custodians of the Grampians National Parks does every thing in its power to protect this historic land mark.

This photo is of a camp was held on the site of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland in 1928

Camping at the site of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland has a long history. In 1928, a Nature Study Camp for school teachers (complete with tour manager, a competent chef and a botanist on staff) was organised by the Government Tourist Bureau through the railways. Participants came to Ararat by rail, and then were transported out to Redman Farm, to camp on what is now the Parkland Sites at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland. In our house are old pictures taken up on Long Gully Cliffs (Redman Bluff), that in times gone by, my father suggests may have adorned the railway carriages as proportions. My best guess is these picture were taken during an expedition to the Bluff from this camp, or in the lead up to it. While these photos do not show the area where the Redman Bluff Summit Cairn is, it is my best guess that that cairn dates to this time.

For more information and historic pictures of the 1928 Nature Study Camp, and our history leading up to our 100 years celebration on the 10th of April 2011 (including the first 21 years of Grampians Paradise) here is the link for our history story (50.7MB PDF)

History Book: The Story of the Banfield's 100 years at Redman Farm

Tom Banfield on the Farm Dam, where now Blue Lake, Grampians Paradise is

Picture from our history book: Tom Banfield, the founder of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, along with his brother Jim and sheep dog Victor on the farm dam (now much larger as the little lake at the bottom of Grampians Paradise.

The now missing summit cairn on Mt William Grampians National Park

A little more history: Alice Banfield (my Grandmother) and Zoe Banfield (my great Aunt) on the Mt William Summit Cairn (highest point of the Grampians National Park). This picture was taken in 1963. Some time after this, but before my memories start, this cairn was demolished. Of this historic structure only the commemorative plaque now remains on the summit.


Current pictures


Grampians Paradise

There are both shady and sunny parkland sites with views of the mountains at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Parkland Sites with mountain view
(Petty much the same view in the star photo above, but this time by daylight).

Kangaroo with joey in pouch at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Kangaroo & Joey in the campground

Retro and vintage onsite caravan accomidation at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Retro 6, 4 & 3 berth onsite caravans

Our resident Blue Wrens

Campsites under shady trees

"Koala" our 1950's 3 berth vintage onsite caravan at Grampians Paradise camping and Caravan Parkland

Retro 1950's 3 berth onsite caravan

Beautiful Native Flowers


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Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland offers:
Large Grassed Sites, Mountain Views, Shady Trees, and Lots of Space.
Facilities include hot showers, children's bathroom, accessible bathroom with toilet and shower and camp kitchen.

Kangaroos on the Parkland Camping Sites at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

We are 750 metres off the edge of the Grampians National Park, under its highest mountains, just 15 minutes drive south south-east of Halls Gap at 443 Long Gully Rd Pomonal 3381, Victoria, Australia.

Saturday 8th December 2018:

Christmas to New Year Period vacancies:

(Friday 21st December 2018 to Monday 7th January 2019)

With large shady trees, and green grass that is watered, Grampians Paradise is a great place to stay over the Christmas to New Year Period.

For many of the nights from the 22nd December 2018 until the end of January 2019, we still have Powered and Unpowered Sites available, as well as Vintage and Retro Onsite Caravans.

However, from the 27th December to the 31st December 2018 the options for powered sites and onsite caravans are now limited (for the night of the 29th December there are now no powered site or onsite caravans available). There are very limited numbers of powered sites available for the 27th and 28th and others for the 30th December to 1st January (and beyond), but I would get your booking organised very fast if you are wanting a powered site during these dates, as once they are gone, the option will be for unpowered sites (or onsite caravans) which are also going fast.
Up to and including the 26th December 2018, and from the 2nd January 2019 and on there are powered sites, unpowered sites and on-site caravan options available.


To enquire about prices, or to make a booking for the Christmas to New Year Period, please contact us as soon as possible, by email, phone or (on-line enquiry). Giving me a call is great way to get information on availability, and set up a booking. If I don't answer please leave a message (sometimes I'm not able to answer the phone for a little bit). I will give you a call back soon as I'm able to. If the phone rings out please try again in 10 or 15 minutes, it is also ok to call me in the early evening.

Also while we endeavour to get back to your online enquires and emails within the half day, sometimes there are so many enquiries it may take a couple of days. You are more than welcome to follow up with a phone call if you want to get get things happening faster.

Kind regards Aidan Banfield

Easter 2019 booked out for Friday and Saturday

While we have some spaces and onsite caravans available for the Thursday, Sunday and Monday (and on) of the Easter 2019 long weekend, unfortunately we are fully booked for Good Friday 19th April, and Easter Saturday 20th April 2019.
This year we booked out in early December for Easter 2019. Unfortunately for Easter you really need to book a long way ahead.
If you would like I can put your details on a cancellation list, and give you a phone call should someone cancel their Easter booking.
If you would like me to put you on the cancellation list please send me an email, letting us know you would like to go on the list and also if you could please email me your phone number so that I can contact you by phone (or email) in the event of a cancellation.

We have vacancies all other nights.

We have vacancies for Powered and Unpowered Sites and Onsite Retro Caravans for all nights. Spaces are now disappearing fast for the Christmas to New Year Holiday Period and also bookings over the summer holidays, we have one powered site (Centre 5) available and a number of unpowered sites still available for Easter 2019. There is more information below.

We also have some really good options for groups (even large groups) available. Please call us if you are wanting to book for a group, so we can help you work out what might work for you. To ensure you don't miss out on options for group bookings you need to book a long way ahead, now is the time to organise your group booking for the upcoming long weekends.

Sunday 21st October to Tuesday 30th October 2018:

While the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building Workshop (21st to 30th October 2018 is now in the past, for the time being, the North Valley Site (NV) is not available, as the timber framed bridge we built during the workshop is now sitting on the NV site, until we life it onto its foundation over Valley Lake.

For more information on the Grampians Paradise October 2018 Fox Maple Timber Framing Workshop (and photos from the Spring 2017 workshop held in Maine, USA), and the Timber Framers Gathering Weekend (that was held on the 27th and 28th October 2018) go to

Camping and Caravanning is different things to different people:

If you are after large, grassy sites, spread out spaciously in a beautiful setting, some with views of the mountains, some amongst the big trees and some with views over our little lakes and wetland ponds, and some basic facilities (showers with hot and cold water, flushing toilets, dish washing sinks, a centralised treated drinking water tap and very basic camp kitchen), then Grampians Paradise could be just what you are looking for.

Some people are after other things. Here's a list of what we don't have, to help you work out if would enjoy a stay at Grampians Paradise.

Not supplied: No potable water to the sites, no sullage at sites, no concrete pads for caravans, no dump point for toilet waste, no street lights or paved roads, no playground (just lots of space for play), no shop (The Grampians Store is 10 minutes drive away, where there is Petrol, Diesel and Ice) and no wifi (Telstra, Optus and only some Vodafone's have data and call coverage in the camping ground). There is 4 km of gravel road into Grampians Paradise.

There is however TV reception, but the camp kitchen does not have a microwave.

We do however have lots of native birds and animals around, some of the best views of the Grampians and we never let our parkland grounds get crowded.

No Pets

Unfortunately we are not able to have guests bring their pets with them to stay at Grampians Paradise.

Also it is worth knowing that the Grampians National Park is place where pets are not permitted.

If you are looking for a Grampians caravan park that allows dogs, try calling the Halls Gap Visitor Information Centre.

Winter Specials: We are offering a special of 5% discount for any booking of 5 nights or more including during the July School Holidays*.

We a number of specials that are available upon request (these are listed near the bottom of the Tariffs Page). These include a special of 5% for a two night booking for weekends that are not peak times, or stays of 5 nights or more at any time*. To take up on these specials you will need to contact me by phone or email (you can also use the online inquiry form on the Inquiry Page) and request the special. For more details and information on conditions please see the Tariffs Page.

To be able to claim a discount (that is relevant to your booking) please remember to request the discount on making your booking.

* 5% specials at peak times are only available where the discounted total is greater than the minimum booking fee.

We have a Lounge with Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner and Glass Front Wood Fire.

The Hub is a great place to relax in the evenings, or even day time. There are comfy lounge chairs, some tables and chairs as well as a table tennis table. We can get the wood fire going in the hub to give you a warm place to relax on cold nights. On very hot days we will have the air conditioner going in the Hub to provide a cool place to escape the heat. We request that parents supervise children using the hub at all times.

Grampians Paradise is hosting a 10 day Traditional Timber Framing Workshop 21st to 30th October 2018:

Before bolts, screws and nails, building were made of large timber beams and post held together by joinery - tenons and mortises held in place by timber pins. While there are very few examples of this style of Traditional Timber Buildings in Australia, around the world buildings using the traditional style of timber construction have stood for hundreds of years, some even close to 1000 years.

In the last 30 to 40 years there has been a revival in Traditional Timber Framing in America, England and Europe. Grampians Paradise now has the pleasure of hosting one of the great teachers of this revival, Steve Chappell, for the next of his "Fox Maple's World Tour Traditional Timber Framing Workshops". The workshop is intensive, includes both theory and practical hands on learning, using both traditional hand and modern powered carpentry tools, while working on a large scale timber frame project.

The workshop starts early on Sunday 21st October and comes to a close late on Tuesday 30th October 2018
For more information and pictures see

Places are limited. Bookings can be made through Fox Maple on there web site:
Information at Fox Maples School of Traditional Building and Registration Form

10 day Tradistional Timber Framing Workshop to be be held in October 2018 at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Information on the above photos:
Top left: Traditional 2 story timber frame built in the Spring 2017 Workshop at Fox Maples Maine, USA campus. This was the 35th Anniversary Year of Fox Maple Workshops.
Top right: Course participants assembling the frame they had cut - Spring 2017.
Bottom Right: The Dining Hall at Fox Maples Maine, USA campus - the frame was cut and raised by students in the June 1997 introductory and advanced workshops.
Photos taken by Aidan Banfield while attending the introductory and advanced workshops in USA - Spring 2017

Also on for the weekend of the 27th and 28th October 2018 at Grampians Paradise: the two day Traditional Timber Framers Gathering.

Anyone is welcome to come and attend for part or all of this weekend gathering.

The Timber Framers Gathering in at Grampians Paradise for the weekend of the 27th and 28th October 2018. All are welcome to come


Kahuna and Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage at Grampians Paradise.

Innerji Sound and Massage offers Kahuna and Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage and quartz crystal singing bowls therapy at Grampians Paradise

Nessa (Vanessa Beckitt) brings some incredible bodywork to Grampians Paradise - you can have a massage without having to drive anywhere! As Aidan's wife, Nessa is involved with campground tasks part of the time, and enjoys spending time working with bodywork and healing.

Our massage studio is tucked away in the camping ground, despite being fairly close to the office, you can enter through the doorway and forget the concept of time and the stresses of the busy world. It really feels like a world away from everything.

In September 2016 Nessa traveled to Queensland to extend her Kahuna Massage Skills on a Level 6 and Level 7 retreat, and is now back at Grampians Paradise offering Kahuna Massage, Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapies® as well as Crystal Sound Therapy and Sound Spas using the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls within the Innerji Sound and Massage Studio room. Appointments are required, and you can book online for treatments at 10am and 2pm Wednesday to Sunday each week (up to 2 hour treatments), and other times may be possible by private arrangement. Please note that Nessa does travel for professional development so please check when booking if you are keen to have a massage during your stay.

For information on Kahuna Massage, Arvigo®, Heartworks Lomi Lomi and other therapies offered by Nessa at Innerji Sound and Massage see
and this really great video demonstration - Kahuna Massage demonstrated by High Spirits Retreat / Mette's Institute , from where Vanessa has completed her Kahuna massage training.

We also have a discount for Guests of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland (campers must be booked in for a minimum of one night in the camping ground) which gives 10% discount for any treatment on any day of the week between 9am and 5pm - Camping Guest Special*. If you wish to take up this offer, please let us know when you make a booking at Grampians Paradise or let us know at Innerji Sound and Massage so that we can make sure there is a time available for you. Please note that we recommend making a booking in advance as we cannot guarantee that there will be availability for walk-ins.

*Specials operate independently of each other - only one discount can be selected per session.

Vanessa Beckitt is a qualified Remedial Therapist registered with MMA (previously AAMT) for Health Fund Rebates and is trained to level 7 in Kahuna Massage.

Please contact us to confirm availability for a given date.

Nessa (Vanessa) Beckitt, Aidan Banfield and our two sons are the family that are your hosts at Grampians Paradise.


Reman Bluff, one of the Grampians National Park's highest mountains refected in Blue Lake at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Looking for a place to stay in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia?

If you drive via Redman Rd through the avenue of trees and along the 4 kilometres of gravel road, you'll find Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, with the opportunity to escape wifi and technology and lose yourself in nature . Grampians Paradise is nestled on the eastern side of the Grampians National Park with views of its highest mountain, Mt William and Redman Bluff (3rd highest peak) and surrounded by the seasonal Redman Bluff Wetlands (spring time is amazing for the wetlands and Grampians Waterfalls).

We invite you to be our guests and to enjoy a relaxing holiday at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, with large grassed spacious sites with shady trees (some sites are shady, some are sunny and some have amazing views of the mountains).

We are outside the crowded tourist area, with beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding countryside, but within easy reach of the popular Grampians attractions and Halls Gap (15 minute drive to the Gap).

We believe in the quality of natural experience. Our water comes from the small lakes above the camping ground which are feed by mountain streams, and often our water has the tannin content loved by makers of whiskey and without the chlorine of town water supply.

Our water is heated traditionally by a wood fired boiler which gains solar boost during sunny days.

With the spacious powered sites and unpowered sites taking some of the best locations within our parkland, we differ from most other tourist parks in that there are no rows of cabins interrupting the views of the grounds and surrounds. The small number of period style (vintage and retro) onsite caravans are scattered about the camping ground and within easy reach of the amenities and other basic facilities.

We trust you will enjoy the peace and tranquility of camping in our beautiful parkland, with some sites overlooking our small lake. The camping ground is also surrounded by wetlands that are the home of many native Australian animals and birds.

Many of the spacious grassed camping areas are shaded by tall trees and "bush garden areas", some with beautiful Australian native flowers, which attract a myriad of native birds and animals. Kangaroos are often seen about the camping ground in the evening and night time.

There are only a very few other area's in all the places I have visited with as many birds (both in total numbers per hectare, and numbers of species - over 100 different species recorded) than here at Grampians Paradise.

The Parkland Sites (P1 to P12) are the ones that have great views of the Grampians Mountains.

While we will not suit everyone, if you are after a camping ground, or a place to stay with a tent, camper trailer, caravan, camper van or motor home, that has a few more facilities than a National Park camping ground, but not the development and "mini" suburb feel of a big commercial caravan park, then I sure you will love Grampians Paradise.

Your hosts,

Aidan Banfield & Vanessa Beckitt.


Kangaroos grazing right beside the lakeside powered camping sites at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Kangaroos grazing in the early morning in front of our little lake, right beside the Lakeside Powered Sites.

lakeside powered camping site at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Early morning light and green grassy sites by our little Blue Lake. This is Lakeside 3 (L3) a Lakeside Powered Site suitable for camper trailers, tents and small or mid sized caravans.


Sunrise on the Grampians mountains from Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Sunrise on the cliffs of Redman Bluff reflected in the waters of Observatory Lake, one of thirty wetland ponds of the Redman Bluff Wetlands that surround three side of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland.

Grampians Paradise Site Map (this map is accurate to scale).

All of our sites have something special about them. It might be they are shady, or are big, by our lake, have a fire place (available for use in late autumn, winter and spring) or have great views of the mountains.

This map is to scale, and some of the sites are huge. South 7 (S7) for example is 18 by 10 metres in size (180 square metres). Even North 3 (N3) is 8 by 9 metres in size.

To help you select your site we have two list with photos. For these lists go to Sites by Location or Area or Sites by Classification or Type (each type of site has a different price to other types - see the tariff page).

Site Map showing powered and unpowered sites for caravans, motor homes, camper trailors and tents at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland