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Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland is located below the hightest peaks of the Grampians National Park Grampians Paradise offers large grassed shady and sunny sites with or without power
	Grampians Paradise camping and caravan parkland Photo of Mt William taken above Grampains Paradise from a hot air balloon

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Camping Sites overlooking Blue Lake and Reman Bluff Wetlands at Grampians Paradise


The workshop was run and taught by Steve Chappell:

Steve Chappel is the founder of Fox Maple School of Traditional Building

Steve Chappell has a long history in Traditional Timber Framing, and in the 1980's (36 year ago) he commenced running Traditional Timber Framing Workshops. I'm not sure how many students have been through his workshops, I would surprised if it was less than 1000 individuals. While Steve Chappell has run many, many workshops from his Fox Maple School of Traditional Building Campus in Maine, USA he has also run many workshops around the world. Workshops in Costa Rica, Japan and Brittany (France) are featured on the Fox Maple Facebook Page.




Aidan Banfield of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland is the host for the Fox Maple Austraila Timber Framing Workshop in October 2018

Aidan Banfield has attended the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Introductory and Advanced Timber Framing Workshops in Maine, USA and has had a long interest in working with the beautiful Australia hardwood Timbers from our local area. A growing passion for Traditional Timber Framing has lead to the opportunity to host the upcoming Australian Workshop.


Aidan Banfield Milling Wind Fall Yellow Box Timber, ready for Traditional Timber Framed projects.

Milling wind fall Yellow Box Timber (density about 1050kg per cubic metre) ready for timber framing projects.


Traditional Timber Building in Central Victoria, Australia

In May 2018, I fortunate to receive an invitation to visit a number of building built over the last 35 years by Rob Hadden with traditional timber frames and wattle and daub or cob walls.

For an Australian, this is a rear treat, as we have very few Traditional Framed Buildings in Australia - our building are all too young, in the main being built from the 1850's on. Rob Hadden (Traditional Builder extraordinare) has been inspired by traditional cottages and other buildings in Great Britain and other locations. Here are some picture I took of his buildings.

Traditional Timber Frame with wattle and daub walls and clay render built by Rob Hadden

Traditional Timber frame with infill of double layered wattle and daub and vermiculite as insulation in between.


Traditional Timber Framed Building built with nateral curved timber including Australia Hardwoods. Built by Rob Hadden

Natural Curved wind brace of Australia Hardwood.


Traditional framed roof using mortises and tenons and timber pins to hold the building together. Built by Rob Hadden

Traditional use of the timbers available. If they were curved (crocked), then this is the shape they are in the building.


Traditional Timber Frame with wattle and daub walls and clay render built by Rob Hadden

Yellow Ocher colours the natural render over wattle and daub between the timber frame.


History of Grampians Paradise Property

This photo is of a camp was held on the site of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland in 1928

Camping at the site of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland has a long history. In 1928, a Nature Study Camp for school teachers (complete with tour manager, a competent chef and a botanist on staff) was organised by the Government Tourist Bureau through the railways. Participants came to Ararat by rail, and then were transported out to Redman Farm, to camp on what is now the Parkland Sites at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland. In our house are old pictures taken up on Long Gully Cliffs (Redman Bluff), that in times gone by, my father suggests may have adorned the railway carriages as proportions. My best guess is these picture were taken during an expedition to the Bluff from this camp, or in the lead up to it. While these photos do not show the area where the Redman Bluff Summit Cairn is, it is my best guess that that cairn dates to this time.

For more information and historic pictures of the 1928 Nature Study Camp, and our history leading up to our 100 years celebration on the 10th of April 2011 (including the first 21 years of Grampians Paradise) here is the link for our history story (50.7MB PDF)

History Book: The Story of the Banfield's 100 years at Redman Farm

Tom Banfield on the Farm Dam, where now Blue Lake, Grampians Paradise is

Picture from our history book: Tom Banfield, the founder of Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, along with his brother Jim and sheep dog Victor on the farm dam (now much larger as the little lake at the bottom of Grampians Paradise.

The now missing summit cairn on Mt William Grampians National Park

A little more history: Alice Banfield (my Grandmother) and Zoe Banfield (my great Aunt) on the Mt William Summit Cairn (highest point of the Grampians National Park). This picture was taken in 1963. Some time after this, but before my memories start, this cairn was demolished. Of this historic structure only the commemorative plaque now remains on the summit.



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Click on the picture below if you would like to read this article about our journey towards the up coming Timber Framing events at Grampians Paradise 21st to 30th October 2018.Learning how to build traditional timber framed buildings by Aidan Banfield from the Owner Builder magazine

Two events are on in October 2018 at Grampians Paradise:

The 10 day Fox Maple Traditional Timber Framing Workshop 21st to 30th October 2018.

Those wanting to learn the craft of traditional timber framing, and be part of an amazing learning experience are welcome to en-role in the 10 day Fox Maple Traditional Timber Framing Workshop. For information see below. Dates: 21st to the 30th Ocotber 2018

The two day (weekend) Traditional Timber Framers Gathering 27th and 28th October 2018.

Anyone is welcome to come and attend for part or all of the weekend Traditional Timber Framers Gathering. Dates: 27th and 28th October 2018

The Timber Framers Gathering in at Grampians Paradise for the weekend of the 27th and 28th October 2018. All are welcome to come

The October 2018 Fox Maple World Tour Timber Framing Workshop is to be held at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland form the 21st to the 30th October 2018.

Students cutting the joinery for a Traditional Timber Framed Building on the Fox Maple Spring Workshop in 2017

Pictures from the Spring 2017 Fox maple Workshop. Left: Cutting joinery, Middle: assembling the frame, Right: using a chain mortiser.

The 2018 Fox Maple Australia Workshop at Grampians Paradise offers:
Theory and practical hands on learning while working on a large scale traditional timber frame project.

Free camping (bring your own tent) and all meals are included with the workshop tuition fees.

Note: Free camping is on the large workshop communal camping sites Parkland 1 (P1), Parkland 2 (P2), Parkland 3 (P3) and Parkland 4 (P4). See the choosing a site by location or map page on the Grampians Paradise Website for their location and sizes.

Facilities at Grampians Paradise include hot showers, children's bathroom, accessible bathroom with toilet and shower and camp kitchen.

There are also other accommodation options for the workshop participants:
At Grampians Paradise - Powered Sites (non communal area) at 50% of standard rates (Lakeside 1, Lakeside 2 and VL&V4 and South 5).
Additional Unpowered sites - non communal area are available at 50% off standard rates (V3, V5, V6, A1 and North 1).
These powered and unpowered sites are a good option if are after a site for yourself, or you and your partner or family if they are staying with you while you attend the workshop.

There is also a limited number of Vintage and Retro onsite caravans: See our Vintage and Retro Onsite Caravan Page for more info.

Also Wanderlust Glamping luxury bell tents (set up with mattress, all bedding, and trimmings) are currently available (contact Grampians Paradise for availability and pricing for workshop participants) as well as Wanderlust Glamping's retro caravans. See Wanderlust Glamping's website for more information and pictures.

Within 10 minutes drive there is also other accommodation options.

Places are limited for the October 2018 workshop. Bookings can be made through Fox Maple on their web site:

Information at Fox Maples School of Traditional Building and Registration Form


Learing to use the tools for cutting the joinery for traditional timber framing, and asembling the frame.

Pictures from the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Workshops. Left: learning to use a chain mortiser, Right: Assembling the timber frame cut on the Fox Maple Spring 2017 Workshop.

The Fox Maple Australia Timber Framing Worshop will be held at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland, on the edge of the Grampians National Park, under its highest mountains, just 15 minutes drive south south-east of Halls Gap at 443 Long Gully Rd Pomonal 3381, Victoria, Australia.

The workshop will start early on Sunday 21st October and comes to a close late on Tuesday 30th October 2018


Designing the joinery for the frame to be built during the Traditional Timber Framed Building on the Fox Maple Spring Workshop in 2017

Pictures from the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Workshops. Left: designing the frame, Middle: an example of scribed to stone posts, Right: measure 27 times, cut once.


Workshop Background:

The Timber Framing Workshop will be run by Steve Chappell of Fox Maple School of Traditional Building:

Over the last 5 years or so I've (Aidan Banfield of Grampians Paradise) had become aware of Steve Chappell, and his now 36 years of teaching traditional timber framing. This all started with the purchasing of a number books, included Steve Chappell's "A Timber Framers Workshop" to help me progress towards a number of Timber Framed projects for our camping ground and family. Steve Chappel's book was the one that time and time again I returned to as it gave me the best, and most comprehensive (and useful) information about the details of traditional timber framing.

Books however did not work out to be enough to learn what I needed to know to advance my timber framing projects and ambitions, however they did ignite a passion for timber framing in the way it was done before the industrial revolution, with the use large beams and posts, crocked timbers, and jointed with mortises and tenons and timber pins to secure the joinery. There is a magic in the buildings of old that have stood for 100's if not even in the odd case around 1000 years.

I dreamed of attending one of Steve's Traditional Timber Framing Workshops, and in June 2017, the oppertunity came to spend 2 weeks in Maine, USA attending the 35 anniversary year Introductory and Advanced Timber Framing Workshops. An amazing experience, with so much learning in those two weeks. As a group of students to be guided though the process of design, calculation, cutting of the frame and the raising the frame we had made with the wisdom and experience of Steve's 35 years of teaching experience was nothing short of amazing. At times it was challenging, and pushed us all, but though the hard work and effort we all came away with so much more knowledge (both in mind and body) and with "tools" to be able to tackle our own timber framing project. It was one of the most empowering experiences I have had.

To help you work out if a Fox Maple Traditional Timber Framing Workshop is for you have a read of this article in the Owner Builder magazine.

Click in the heading above or the picture below for the link to the PDF copy of this article.Learning how to build traditional timber framed buildings by Aidan Banfield from the Owner Builder magazine

For more information on Fox Maple's School of Traditional Building and Steve Chappell see:

Fox Maple's Web site
Fox Maple's Facebook Page
My (Aidan Banfield) Wetlands Creations facebook Page Go back through the posts to June 2017 for the post from the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Workshops



Pairing the Tenon with a Barr Framing Chisel and careful checking of the design of the timber frame

Pictures taken at Fox Maple's Spring 2017 workshops. Left: 1 inch Barr Framing Chisel being used to pair back a tenon. The 2 inch (and 1.5 inch) Barr Framing chisels are Fox Maples preferred chisels for Timber Framing Workshops. Right: Re Checking the design and measurements before cutting the joiner.

What's Unique about the Fox Maple Workshop at Grampians Paradise?

One of the principles of Traditional Building, is the use of Materials that are local to the building site. This principle, while not unique, does lead to something unique for the Fox Maple Workshops. We will be working with local Australian hardwoods - The Box Eucalypts. these will included some of the local timbers of our area: Yellow Box, Red Box, Red Iron Bark, Yellow Gum (or White Iron Bark) as well as possibly River Red Gum and the Acacia "Black Wood". - It all comes down to which timber framing project is chosen for the workshop as to which species of timber we will be using. Many of these timbers have a dry density of over 1000kg per cubic metre (they sink in water), and were favoured timbers of the Bridge Builders in the earlier days of Australian settlement.

Timber beams and post of Australian hardwoods for the traditional timber framing projects in 2018 at Grampians Paradise

Pictures taken at Grampians Paradise in May 2018: Australian Hardwood timbers for the 2018 timber framing projects: Left: Australia River Red Gum - to be re cut for Jowled posts. Middle: timber pins to hold the joinery in the frame together. Right Australia Red Box beams and post at over 1000kg per cubic metre. These Red Box beams are yet to be Planed on all 4 sides.

What's in common with other Fox Maple World Tour Workshops?

The Timber Framing Project for the workshop will included working with crocked (crooked or natural curved timbers) and scribing timber to stone, where the end of the timber is carefully cut away to match the shape of the foundation rock it will bare its load onto.

The Libarary and Bath House, two of the traditional timber framed buildings at Fox Maple School of Tradtional Timber Framping

Traditionally Framed Buildings at Fox Maple Maine USA campus. Left and Right pictures: The Bath House. Middle: The Library.

What to bring to the Timber Framing Workshop.

For information on what to bring to a Fox Maple Timber Framing Workshop, go to the page of the Fox Maple Website's for "Timber Framing Workshop's" and click on the booklet image (at the bottom of the page) and down load the Fox Maple School Booklet, or use this direct link to down load the booklet.

Tools: Aside from the essential hand tools of a timber Framing Mallet, and high quality Framing Chisel (see the Fox Maple School Booklet for details on what types of mallets and chisels are up to the task and for the other essential hand tools).
Steve Chapell also invites you to bring other tools to the workshop, as well as power tool. If you are bringing your own power tools, they will need to be compatible with Australia supply (230 to 240 volts, 10 or 15 amp Australia plugs and run at 50 hertz), and they will (including battery chargers) need to be tagged with a current testing tag by a certified tester (they cannot be used on an Australian work site if they are not tagged with a current tag).

NOTE: We may have a person certified to test electrical tools on the workshop, but this is yet to be confirmed.

I would also recommend bringing sharpening stones and a strop to keep your edge tools sharp and honed. Some of the Australia Timbers are hard on cutting edges, and your tools will need to be kept sharp to effectively cut the dense (but beautiful) Australia timbers we will be working with in the workshop.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Australia's (particularly the state of Victoria's) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations are very strong, and Personal Protective Equipment is a requirement for any one on a work site - the area where the workshop frame will be being cut, and where it is being raised will be considered a work site by OHS.

You will need to bring (and it will have to be used to be able to enter the "work site"):
Steel Capped Boots,
Safety Glasses,
good quality hearing protection
a high visibility vest, or clothing
Hard hat (where there is the risk of items falling from above).

It would also be very sensible to bring good quality work gloves, and some sort of mask for flittering out wood dust from the air you are breathing (some of the Australian timber's wood dust is considered to be an irritant).


Kangaroo and Joe, Cookatoos and the view of the Pinical, Grampians National Park

Wild life at Grampians Paradise, and the Grampians National Park. Left: Kangaroo and her Joe at Grampians Paradise. Middle: The Pinnacle lookout, one of the great walks of the Grampians National Park. Right: Corrella's, a type of Cockatoo parrot are frequently seen at Grampians Paradise.

How to get to Grampians Paradise for the Workshop.

Grampians Paradise is located 3 hours from Melbourne (and around 5 hours from Adelaide), on the edge of the Grampians National Park, in Victoria Australia.

The Grampians mountain rangers are up 1167 metres high, with Mt. William being its highest mountain. Mt William can be seen from the workshop Camping Sites at Grampians Paradise and is just 5km away. Grampians Paradise is 280 metres above sea level. The Grampians National Park is very large (nearly 100km long) and has a wealth of amazing landscapes (many crags and cliffs). Of 1500 species of native plants that are found in the Grampians, quite a number are endemic to the Grampians, and being mid spring in October the wildflowers will still be out.

The other natural attraction of our area are the native Australian animals and birds, among them many types of Parrots (including cockatoos). We have recorded over 100 species of native Australia birds at Grampians Paradise, there are usually at lest 20 species present at any one time. Kangaroos are often in the camping ground in the evenings, as are at this time a couple of our Swamp Wallabies. At night time the possums are often seen in the trees and if you are very luck you may get to see one of the Sugar Gliders.

If you are wanting to explore Grampians National Park, you will need a car (we are away from public transport by 10 to 30 minutes drive).

The closest Bus to us is 10 minutes Drive away at Pomonal, however this is only 1 service each way on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday (not a lot of help for getting to and from the workshop).

However Ararat is serviced by regular Trains and Buses from Melbourne (many per day). It is a half an hour drive from Ararat to Grampians Paradise. There is Taxi service from Ararat.
If you are hiring a car this may be easiest to do at the Melbourne (Tullamarine) International Airport (if flying in). It is a 3 hour drive from there to Grampians Paradise.

For more directions and a link to Google Maps got to our Where We Are website page. There is also a sketch map and aerial pictures of our location on that page.


The end of the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Traditional Timber Framing Workshops, with the camp fire under the frame the students had built.

Camp fire stories and relaxing at the end of the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Timber Framing Workshop

Places are limited for the October 2018 workshop (21st to 30th October).
Bookings can be made through Fox Maple on their web site:

Information at Fox Maples School of Traditional Building and Registration Form

10 day Tradistional Timber Framing Workshop to be be held in October 2018 at Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

Information on the above photos:
Top left: Traditional 2 story timber frame built in the Spring 2017 Workshop at Fox Maples Maine, USA campus. This was the 35th Anniversary Year of Fox Maple Workshops.
Top right: Course participants assembling the frame they had cut - Spring 2017.
Bottom Right: The Dining Hall at Fox Maples Maine, USA campus - the frame was cut and raised by students in the June 1997 introductory and advanced workshops.
Photos taken by Aidan Banfield while attending the introductory and advanced workshops in USA - Spring 2017


For additional resources see:
Fox Maple's Web site

Fox Maple's Facebook Page

My (Aidan Banfield) Wetlands Creations facebook Page Go back through the posts to June 2017 for the post from the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Workshops

The Grampians Paradise Facebook page

The Grampians Paradise Instagram page

For more about Grampians Paradise, these is lots of information and pictures on the website