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Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland is located below the hightest peaks of the Grampians National Park Grampians Paradise offers large grassed shady and sunny sites with or without power
	Grampians Paradise camping and caravan parkland Photo of Mt William taken above Grampains Paradise from a hot air balloon

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Camping Sites overlooking Blue Lake and Reman Bluff Wetlands at Grampians Paradise

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Past events

Traditional wood Frame Workshop

Students assembling the Traditional Timber Frame on the Spring 2017 Fox Maple Tradtional Timber Building Workshop

In October 2018 Grampians Paradise hosted the Fox Maple's World Tour of Traditional Timber Framing Workshops here at Grampians Paradise.

This 10 day workshop included both theory and practical hands on learning while working on a large scale traditional timber frame project. During the project we built the frame of a timber bridge that will eventually even have a roof.


For more information and pictures see the Page:

Timber Framing Workshop Oct 2018


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Visiting wildlife

Inviting waters

Green grassed sites

Beautiful views


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Driving to the Grampians National Park. View on sunrise from between Ararat and Halls Gap

View of the Grampians shortly after Leaving Ararat on the drive to Grampians Paradise as you go over "carroll's cutting"

Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

443 Long Gully Rd Pomonal 3381 Victoria AUSTRALIA

Ph (03) 5356 6309


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Directions on Google Maps

From Melbourne travel via the Western highway to Ararat and continue straight through the town (do not turn right to Stawell or Adelaide). Drive straight through the shopping street (Barkly Street). This becomes the "Grampians Scenic Route",(the Ararat-Halls Gap Road.) 14 km past Moyston you will see a large blue sign "Grampians Paradise Parkland". Turn left into Long Gully Road (Gravel Road). Follow the gravel road for 4.3 km. Go straight across the intersection with Redman Road. The camping Ground is 200 metres on the left. Watch out for kangaroos crossing the road after Ararat (especially in the evenings).

From Adelaide take the Western Highway to Stawell. Turn right at the cross road to Pomonal (20 km) and then turn and continue for 3km. Turn right into Waterhole Road (which is sealed for 1 km, then 4 km of Gravel Rd). Follow the signs to Grampians Paradise (5km). If you miss the Waterhole Road turnoff, there is a a large blue sign "Grampians Paradise Parkland" at the next intersection (Long Gully Road).

Once again please watch out for Kanagroos (and other wildlife), and take your time especialy if traveling in the evenings, early morning or at night time. We have a lot of Kangaroos, Emus and other wildlife about the Grampians area, and they don't always get out of the way of cars.


From high up in a light plane, looking down on Grampians Ranges from the east , this view of Grampians National Park centres on Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland. Photo by Aidan Banfield
location map


The panorama shown above, of the Grampians mountain ranges within the Grampians National Park (Victoria, Australia) and the sketch map representing most of the left half of the panorama give a concept of where Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland sits within our landscape that is dominated by the almost 100 kilometre long Grampians mountains.

Mt William (the rounded topped mountain just to the South West of Grampians Paradise) is the highest mountain of the Grampians National Park at 1167 metres above sea level. The Summit of Redman Bluff (1017 metres above sea level) and Long Gully Cliffs with their large escarpment of sandstone cliffs, is just 2.5 kilometres west of Grampians Paradise. We are just 700 metres form the edge of the Grampians National Park.

Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland is almost exactly half way along the eastern edge of the Grampians, 47 kilometres (as the crow flies) from Mount Zero, the Grampians most northern peak, and 50 kilometres (as the crow flies) from Mount Sturgeon, the Grampians most southern peak.

Grampians Paradise is 4 kilometres of the main sealed road from Ararat to Halls Gap, and after a short 4km travel down the gravel road you arrive at our secluded, beautiful parkland which has some of the most spectacular views of the Grampians.

Some more pictures from the air.

Over the years I've had the fun of flying over the Grampians mountains and Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan in a light plane and even a hot air balloon flight, starting from the Parkland Sites at Grampians Paradise. I've put together a collection of pictures (in the series below) from several of these flights in an order that would represent flying to and "landing" at Grampians Paradise.


Image 1 flight to Grampians Grampians Paradise


Image 2 flight to Grampians Grampians Paradise


Image 3 flight to Grampians Paradise


Image 4 flight to Grampians Paradise


Image 5 flight to Grampians Paradise


Image 6 flight to Grampians Paradise